European Flyball Championships 2020


The town Plasy is located 20 km north of Pilsen, in the valley of the Strela River.

The center of the historic town counts among the pearls of the region, mainly thanks to the Cistercian monastery, which is a national cultural monument. Plasy is part of the Microregion Dolni Strela, established in 1999 to promote the whole region and improve the supply of tourist services.

In town there are several restaurants, including the Knizeci pivovar Plasy, located in the immediate vicinity of the venue. Accommodation is also possible in several campsites or guesthouses. Other interesting points of interest in Plasy are the Centre for Building Heritage or the Zoo (white lions).

The regional capital Pilsen, at a driving distance of about 30 minutes, is famous for its beer (visits to the brewery are posiible), In 2015, the city was awarded thi title „European Capital of Culture“. The historic centre is now protected as an urban conservation area. It boasts the impressive Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, founded 1292. The Zoological and Botanical Garden of the City of Pilsen is the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic and among the most visited tourist attractions in the Pilsen region.


  • pre-registration – 1.2. – 29.2.2020
  • registration – 1.3. (from 20:00 (CET), UTC +1) – 15.4.2020 (payment within 15 days of receipt of payment information)
  • team composition until 31.5.2020
  • entry time to 15.6.2020
  • arrival is possible from 16.7.2020 (on Wednesday 15.7.2020 from 4:00pm at extra charge)
  • departure until 20.7.2020 until 1:00pm